TMS PTA Mission Statement:

"Promote the education, health, and welfare of the Trailside Students while promoting social responsibility, inclusion, and involvement of everyone in the Trailside Community."

PTA Executive Committee

The PTA Executive Committee is made of five elected officers and the Principal of Trailside Middle School.

Ariana Gillette -

Vice President

Activities - Bob Wright -
Fundraising - Amy Noble -

Laurie Guzman -

Gwen Meehan -

TMS Principal
Bridget Beichler -

PTA Executive Board Members

The PTA Executive Board consists of members from the Executive Committee, School Staff Representatives and Committee Chairs.

TMS Staff Representative
Patricia O'Connell -


To sign up for a committee, contact a PTA board member.

MSAAC Representation
Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee - Shakira O'Neil -

SEAC Representation
Special Education Advisory Committee - Amy Leach -

Membership Coordinator

Spirit Night Committee
Julie Harris -

Staff Appreciation Committee
First Fridays / Smile Squad - Open

Staff Cookie Exchange - Linda Streaker -
Hospitality - Toni Hansen - and Sue Derus -
Staff Appreciation Week - Open

Dance Committees:
6th Grade Dance 11/1/19 - Heather Mulroney
7th Grade Dance 10/4/19 - Amy Leach -
8th Grade Dance 12/6/19 - Angelica Alvarado -

Community Outreach Committee
Working with community organizations and our Trailside pack to meet the needs of our area families in crisis.
Lisa Figueroa -

Volleyball Game Committee
Jennifer Andros -
Jeannine Rotzler -

School Musical Committee:
Lori Connor -
Anne Jackson -
Amy Noble -
Caroline LeCount -

Reflections Committee
National PTA Arts & Education Program - Bob Wright -

Election Nominating Committee - Open
Teacher Grant Committee - Elisa Canfield -
Volunteer Committee - Amy Noble -